Reproduction: Possessing one gender, this race shares genetic material each time they meet one another. However, they have evolved, through their symbiotic ties to The Green, a very selective form of reproduction; only a select few are chosen from among the Chirrok as being worthy to parent the Chirrok race. These selected few are taken to participating members of The Green, who let worthy Chirrok drown in the digestive nectars of specially formed growths on the Green (these growths resemble those on the Pitcher Plant of Olde Earth). Once the worthy Chirrok has been digested in this nectar, its DNA, which has been fertilized by all the other Chirrok it has encountered in its lifetime, goes to form hundreds of new Chirrok. These larva develop inside the rooted Green, feeding on its Flesh, until they've developed into fully grown Chirrok. Once they hatch, they are welcomed into Chirrok society and taught their culture. It should be noted that no familial loyalty or respect is shown by these Chirrok for their parent who's life went for their creation. The only familial loyalty they have is towards the Green which carried them.

Culture: Government is constantly shifting, as there are no set leaders, but groups forming around preachers of different doctrines compeating for the hearts and souls of their race. In Chirrok society, one's charisma and the strength of one's arguments are the sole basis for legitimacy, and it is on the basis of ones strength or weakness that one is a leader or a follower.

Trade: They are predominately either agriculturalists-and are counted among the best in the galaxy in this practice, or spiritualists. They don't have much of their own technology, and have been therefore taught how to use the technology of other races. The Chirrok are often seen within the Empire tending miracle gardens.

History: The Chirrok are the third race to have evolved to sentience on the Birthworld of The Green (the other two, The Jeica and Orpelle are now extinct).

Physiology: Chirrok are a comparatively large insectoid race, possessing no internal skeleton, but rather a thick chitinous exoskeleton. They are approximately 3 feet in length with most of their body length in their tail, which is used both for balance as well as grasping tree limbs, posts, or beams. The tail is strong enough to be able to support the entire body weight in an upright position without any assistance. Therefore, using its tail, a Chirrok could lift anything up to its own body weight. Most Chirrok use flying as their primary mode of transportation, and balancing on their tail as their main form of sedintary relaxation. This is because use of their insectoid-limbs, whether for relaxing or for a walking type of movement, puts them into a very prone position. A Chirrok also has four eyes. Two of these eyes are their Common Eyes, used for everyday vision. The other two are their Spirit Eyes, used predominately when receiving visions. Under normal circumstances, the Common Eyes are the larger set, but when the Chirrok meditates in order to receive a vision, the Spirit Eyes grow much larger while the Common Eyes shrink. Because the opening of the Spirit Eyes is a voluntary act on the part of the Chirrok, one can never tell whether a Chirrok is truly receiving a vision or is simply faking it (they can do that, ya know).

Metaphysics: They are from the same planet as The Green, and worship them as gods. Their worship of The Green has evolved into various sects which make many attempts at machinations to increase their scope of power (at times at the expense of other star nations). Despite all their faith and devotion to their gods, it is very one sided; The Green are for the most part oblivious to the Chirrok. When they do recognize the religion that has grown up around them, they are at the most amused, and unless it will benefit the Chirrok race as a whole, they seldom involve themselves in the politics of the different factions of the Chirrok faith. Due to their shared history, close proximity, and the Chirrok traditions of eating The Flesh of The Green, all Chirrok are at least semi psychic, though for the most part it seems to be limited to the area of divination. But it is in this area that the Chirrok are renowned. Whether a part of their faith, or as a result of their having eaten an abundance of the Flesh of the Green, most Chirrok seem in a constant state of euphoria. When having visions (which they do often-though it must be mentioned that they are not loathe to falsifying a vision to intimidate or deceive non-Chirrok...) they will close their common eyes and widen their "spirit eyes"(-said to see into other planes of existence) and sway about, chanting out the details of their vision. (This is an apparent physiological occurence as even if a Chirrok wishes to keep their state of "unsight", their term for having visions. They will involuntarily go into this state - though they will retain sufficient self control to prevent their divulging the details of their vision). A further aspect of this ability to see both past, present and future is that Chirrok, especially the more psionicly aware, will see fragmentary images from the past, present and future of people they newly meet. (By the fact that they look upon one with both sets of eyes). The specific details of these fragments are seldom very incriminating, though its usually very unsettling to be so well "known" by someone on the first meeting. (This component of the Chirrok nature also makes it very difficult to lie to them - though it in no way prevents them from doing so....)

Habitat: The birthworld of the Chirrok, and therefore of The Green as well, falls within the Pan-Galactic Concordance, and it is for this reason that so many of the Chirrok can be found there.

Diet: The Chirrok have now evolved to a level where they subsist exclusively on the flesh of their gods. Whether they could survive in an emergency on other foodstuffs is unknown, as most opt to starve to death, rather than blaspheme their faith.

Communication: The Chirrok, though often possessing telepathic abilities, have retained their spoken language, which consists of clicks, chirps and croaking.

Chirrok Names: Titles are either Kzrk (for a "solitary practioner", aka non-ranking devotee), Vrr'tk (the Chirrok equivalent to "reverend") or K'vrr'tk ("most enlightened" -ruling class of the various factions.) followed by surnames comprised of appropriate sounding consonant groupings (examples include K'krk, K'tk, rK'Kr, etc.). Their lineal names are that of The Green which bore them (thus, a Chirrok full name might be Kzrk K'Tk Orshomon). Lineal names are used ONLY in formal settings, as they are difficult for the Chirrok to pronounce.

Weight range: Adult, 20-80 lbs. Height Range: 1-3 ft. Life span: av.90 yrs.

Role-Playing the Chirrok: Chirrok who are religiously ordained (high priest, etc) speak in the "Royal We". ("We see many things... We see you working to our benefit") Despite their size, Chirrok will often act in a manner that ignores their physical shortcomings (They will never back down from larger creatures, acting as if somehow they are protected by their faith). Those Chirrok who are not ordained ("solitary practioner") will refer to themselves in the first person singular (I, me, my, etc). In general, as long as it does not interfere with their religion (either the spread or simply the practice thereof), the Chirrok do not bother themselves much with monetary issues.

Alliances: Besides the obvious worship of The Green, Chirrok tend to be most comfortable around members of any race that is spiritual in nature, ie, other beings who are ordained in their respective religion. Chirrok may not agree with that being's philosophical beliefs, but the fact that they believe in something and practice their beliefs faithfully makes the Chirrok more comfortable around them. Some examples include: Humons of the Order of the Cairn, the Delphii (on the rare occasion that a Delphii can be found in Known Space), Sylum for their intrinsic spiritualized life style (Sylum - metaphysics), and those sKeKs that do not delve into the darker parts of their spiritual history (specifically, their worship of the Nazgar), among others. Chirrok tend to be very UN-comfortable around Y'Qwyth, Zir, and Stratapin. The Y'Qwyth have no understanding of metaphysics at all. The Zir are too obsessed with the physical, mundane , "earthly" rewards and show no concern whatsoever for spiritual growth. Finally, the Stratapin simply make the Chirrok uncomfortable for the fact that they are both an artificially generated life-form AND consciousness. (The Goem differ in that they have a more organic mindset.)